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Fruit Lips

Fruit Lips RM10.90

- hayan ade 4 jenis : oren, blueberry, strwberry dan cherry.. / only available in orange, blueberry, strawberry and cerry..
- kecil n senang dbawak ke mane2.. / small and easy to bring everywhere..
- dsimpan dlm metal casing / small metal case
- melembabkn bibir / mousturized lips
- lembutkan bibir dgn extrak botani serta vitamin.. / smoothen lips with botanical extract and vitamin

Hp Holder + USB ( 4 port )

Hp Holder + USB ( 4 port ) RM26.50

- letak je hp kt citu.. hp xkan gerak2 + xjatuh jgk.. / place ur hp there, hold toght ur hp..
- sng dgunakan.. / easily use..
- boley jd usb utk lptop + kmputer jgk... / also have 4 port as usb to connect to lptop or pc.

Butt Shaper

Butt Shaper RM30.50

- mbentukkan punggung segera semasa memakai / Shapes and firms your butt instantly
- 6 cangkuk dan boleh diubah2.. / 6 rows of hooks ( hook can adjust)
- selesa utk dpakai.. / 0.5mm super thin material,comfortable to wear

Size S: Hips 75~90cm M: Hips 80~93cm   
L: Hips 90~103cm

Cmne nk guna/How to use?
- Pakai antara perut dan punggung. ikut cangkuk yg bersesuaian. / Wear it on the area between your tummy and butts, adjust to your desired tightness and hook
- jgn cangkuk ketat2 bile bru mula2 pkai. dr smase ke smasa, bru ketat. / Do not hook too tightly when you first time use it, tighten it progressively

1. basuh dgn air dan keringkan / wash with water and dry it (handwash)
2. jgn duna mesin basuh / do not use in drying machine

Cellullite Pant

Cellulite Pants RM30.90

- ringan + elastik / light and elastic
- bagi bentuk yang ssuai dr abdomen sampai peha. / give an ideal curve.
- bperbuat dari fabrik yg selesa / corformtable fabric.

Wizzit Hair Remove

Wizzit Hair Remove RM37.50

mcabut bulu dgn berkesan / efectively removing hair
sng dgunakan / easily use.
guna bateri je / use battery.
mybe sakit sikit, sbb die tarik bulu dr umbi / a little bit pain.

Vibra Smooth

Vibra Smooth Leg n Hand RM25.90

utk dptkan kaki dan tgn yg licin, tnpa b'bulu / to get smooth leg and hand without hair
bulu kaki hilang tnpa rse sakit / doesnt feel any pain at all.
kulit trasa licin. / the result - ur skin become smooth
mudah n snang dgunakan. / easily use

Hair Olive Oil

Hair Olive Oil RM25.50

- 600ml dlm botol /600ml in bottle.
- xpyh gune steam / no need to steam
- instructions: lps bsuh rmbut, sapu minyak ni pd rambut, urut 2-3 minit, tggu 5-8 minit, bsuh balik / after cleansing hair, apply some on hair, massage 2-3 minutes, then wait for 5-8 minutes, rinse off with water.


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